An End-to-End Guide for Beginner Boat Enthusiasts

If you are a water sport lover, jet skiing can be an adventurous activity for you, especially living in Canada, a country with top-notch beaches. 

If you are a beginner, riding a jet ski might be challenging. However, keep hope. With consistent efforts and practice, you can be a super driver. Once you practice rightly, you will be comfortable with all the controls and handling. If you have any experience riding boats or sailboats, riding a jet ski can be smooth sailing. Before you become an owner of a jet ski, go for a Jet Ski Rental Toronto for practice sessions. 


This post discusses almost everything that you need to know about jet skiing. By the end of the post, you will have a pretty good idea of what a jet ski is. 


Preparations for riding a jet ski


Well, there are plenty of things you need to do for your jet ski adventure. Let’s check out. 


First of all, you need to have a comfortable life jacket that fits you perfectly. Search on the internet or visit a local shop to purchase a lifejacket. Buy a high-quality lifejacket of the perfect size for your body for efficiency. 

Safety Lanyard

A safety lanyard can rescue you if you fall from the vehicle. It will cut the engine in such circumstances. A safety lanyard is attached to a jet ski. It will either go around the wrist or your life jacket. 


Whistle or Horn 

Warning others if you are facing some difficulties while riding a jet ski is crucial. If you Rent a Sailboat Toronto, you need a whistle or a horn to notify the people around you about your riding issues. 

Watch Online Videos 

Before you start your first jet ski trial, check out some relevant videos online. YouTube has some fantastic videos that offer free comprehensive training courses for jet skis. You can watch videos and be familiar with jet ski riding. 

Keep the Fear Aside 

This is also a psychological thing to prepare. If you are worried about jet ski riding, discuss it with the people on the boat. They know better and will offer you the proper consultation. 


With advanced safety equipment, there is nothing to worry about during the adventure. It will give you some adrenaline rush while you are riding. It will be a fun ride. Prepare yourself to enjoy it. 


How to Ride a Jet Ski? 

The next thing that we will discuss is jet ski riding instructions. 


  • Inspect the vehicle first once you go for a Jet Ski Rental Toronto. Ensure that it is in good condition. 

  • Now, sit on a jet ski comfortably. Keep your hands on the handlebars and feet on the footrests. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position. 

  • You will find a key attached to the lanyard. Turn on the ignition.

  • Start pushing the throttle slowly and gradually to start the journey. 

  • Keep the pace slow and steady until you cross the seashore. The experts recommend keeping the speed at 5-10 miles per hour. 

  • When you are convinced you are away from the shoreline, boat traffic, and swimmers, start speeding up the jet ski. 

  • Lean a bit towards the direction while turning and keep a steady speed. 

  • Keep the body weight centered on the jet ski to avoid capsizing. 

Learn All the Controls of the Jet Ski 

To ride safely, you need to learn all the controls the vehicle has to offer to you. A throttle, handles, and brake are the main controls. Some jet ski vehicles have a reverse lever instead of a brake. 


  • To control the speed, use a throttle. 

  • To turn the jet ski, use the steering handles. 

  • To stop the jet ski, use a brake or a reverse lever. 


Some advanced jet skis have a lanyard kill switch and a trim tab for additional controls. 

Suggestions for Passengers 

  • Learn about the maximum weight limit and stick to it. Overloading the vehicle might create safety issues. 

  • Hold the driver tight to avoid falling off. 

  • You also need to lean into the turn direction along with your driver. 


Leaning During a Turn 

Balancing the vehicle is very crucial. Hence, you need to lean your body in the direction of the turn. Also, leaning Yacht Rental Toronto helps the driver to control the vehicle. Prior practice is required for proper body positioning and effective control techniques. If the company offering Jet Ski Rental Toronto has an instructor, take some coaching sessions before going for a solo independent ride. It will help you immensely. 


In case you fall off the Jet Ski

  • In the event of capsizing, turn the vehicle upwards. 

  • Go to the back side of the jet ski, also called the stern, for reboarding. Never reboard from the side of the vehicle, as it might fall onto you. 

  • Use handles from the back of the seat to hoist up onto the jet ski. 

  • Attach the lanyard once you return to your safe position. 


How Fast Can You Ride the Jet Ski?

Each jet ski model has different speeds. Some advanced jet skis can reach up to 60 mph. On the other hand, some jet skis have a lower top speed. Irrespective of the maximum speed, ensure that you ride the vehicle at a safe speed based on your experience and training. 

Riding the Jet Ski in Rough Water 

If you are an inexperienced jet ski driver, you should not think about it. Riding in rough water can be difficult and dangerous as well. Even if you are an experienced driver, ride the vehicle at a lower speed. It will help you to control it in rough water. However, avoiding the ride in rough water is highly recommended to prevent injuries and accidents. 


Going for a Jet Ski Rental Toronto is a good thing to add some adventure to life. However, you should get proper training and experience before you go for a solo ride. Keep these considerations discussed in this post to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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