Anonimages – Ground Zero For Revenge Pornography

The name Anon-IB may have caught your eye. The free messaging board was the ground zero for the 2014 release of celebrity nude photographs hacked by a hacker. The site was also used to share revenge pornography. While the names of NCP sites are not being shared by Motherboard, Katelyn Bowden, founder of anti-NCP advocacy group BADASS, noted that the site’s re-emergence has been closely monitored in recent weeks.

Anon-IB was a free, anonymous message board that allowed users to post images of women

Roxanne found out about Anon-IB through an acquaintance, who was on the site. At first, Roxanne thought Mary was a queer feminist and a survivor of sexual violence. However, when Mary asked for photos of herself in revealing positions, Roxanne became suspicious and blocked her. However, Roxanne soon discovered that Mary had been posting photos of herself on an Anon-IB subforum. She discovered this after an acquaintance pointed out her photos.


The user behind Anon-IB was not identified, as his IP address is shown only as “anonymous,” and not an individual. The anonymous posters may be guests or hackers on government networks. It is unclear whether the anonymous posters have connections to the Executive Office of the President or the other government agencies. However, it is possible to identify the posters.

Users of Anon-IB post photos of women in various genres and subjects, and organize them into different regions. These pictures become a part of an online ecosystem where users can trade back images like trading cards. However, the database of Anon-IB is a nightmare. The users are often trying to win more awards, which encourages others to post more photos. In fact, the database is now linked to the 2014 celebrity nudes breach and the Fappening scandal.

It was ground zero for the 2014 release of hacked celebrity nude photographs

The 2014 leak of hacked celebrity nude photographs was the first large-scale publicity stunt in the history of Internet trolling. Several rogue websites were hacked and leaked on the web. But an anonymous image message board called Anonimages may hold clues about its future. Founded in 2006 as a mutiny of 4chan’s /b/ board, the site has seen a number of redesigns. It has reportedly become a ground zero for celebrity nude photos in the years since.

The infamous “Celebgate” hack released hacked celebrity nude photographs. These photos were posted on the 4chan online forum and soon spread to other forums. Apple confirmed the hack and the FBI’s Cybercrimes Unit started an investigation. Although the case has yet to be determined, the scandal has sparked a backlash on the Internet.

The trove of leaked celebrity nude photographs was the biggest news of 2014, affecting the whole world. The release of these pictures, dubbed “Celebgate” by its victims, occurred in late August 2014. In a bizarre case of trolls and hacking, the trove of celebrity nudes was shared online by Apple’s iCloud storage service. A 36-year-old Pennsylvania man, Ryan Collins, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information. Currently, he faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It was used to store revenge pornography

Dutch police seized the servers of the anonymous image board Anon-IB, a website notorious for storing revenge pornography. The site is known for its well-trafficked threads in which users identify women in images. Users of the site often use pseudonyms to protect their identities. The subjects of these videos and images often do not consent to have their names and other personal information disclosed online.

During the study, the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative recruited 3,044 adults who were involved in the distribution of revenge pornography. Of these individuals, 8% had been victims of NCP, while 5.2% had committed revenge pornography. These images are typically of young women in their teens and early twenties. These victims often become frightened by their exposure on social media, and they may not discuss them with their families.

There are several ways to combat the spread of revenge pornography. One method is to contact the website where the images were shared. A DMCA takedown notice is an easy and effective way to remove images. Many of these sites offer discounts for revenge pornography victims. Alternatively, you can call the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative crisis hotline. It is best to seek professional legal counsel before filing a complaint.

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