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What Is Followletsm And Why You Should Care

Followletsm is a social network that started in 2008 and has since been successful with over 1 million users. It uses AI to provide content, networking, and selling. This article will help...

Is Rizerr Legit: The History Behind A Fitness App And What It Applies To

Fitness apps like is Rizerr legit have taken the internet by storm. Although they have many positives to offer, they also have a few significant downsides that you should be aware of...

Bamister: The Stable Alternative to the Latest Fitness Trend

Bamister is a new company that offers a fun and interactive fitness experience. The company boasts its proprietary technology, which uses your mobile device's camera to create an avatar for you, and...

Hoastie Down: A Brief Look At The Low-Carb Craziness

If you've been following the low-carb trend, then you likely already know what a hoastie down is. In general, it's a low-carb version of a hot dog that has taken over the...

Marco Rubio and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marco Rubio introduced a bill to address the COVID-19 pandemic on June 21. Under this bill, the CCP could be sanctioned and federal funding for research projects involving the CAS would be...
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