elixir of the sun ch 1 by Solddam

Elixir of the sun ch 1 by Solddam. Welcome to the world of Elixir of the Sun an epic tale of adventure and discovery. In this chapter, we join our protagonists two brave warriors who have been tasked with a treacherous mission: to find the legendary Elixir of the Sun a powerful substance that could save their kingdom from destruction. What lies in store for them on their journey? Will they face danger and hardship? And will they ever find the Elixir? Join us as we follow their journey into the unknown!

Table of content for Elixir of the Sun, Season 1 by Solddam

  • Elixir of the Sun, Season 1 by Solddam

  • Scene 1- the market

  • Scene 2- the sun temple

  • Scene 3- outside the city

  • Scene 4- the road to the village

  • Scene 5- the village

Scene 1- the market

The sun was setting over the market the stalls were starting to pack up and the last of the day’s shoppers were hurrying home. Suddenly a bright light appeared in the sky accompanied by a strange noise. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up shielding their eyes from the glare.

A huge object was hovering above the market casting a shadow over everything. It was spherical in shape and had dozens of smaller spheres orbiting around it. As people watched in astonishment the spheres began to detach from the main body and descend toward the ground.

When they got closer people could see that each sphere was actually a person-sized capsule with a clear panel on one side. The capsules landed gently in the center of the market and people cautiously approached them.

Inside each capsule was a person floating in some kind of clear liquid. They were all unconscious and appeared to be in a deep sleep.

As people gathered around trying to make sense of what was happening one of the capsules suddenly opened and a person stepped out. They took a few moments to orient themselves before looking around at the confused faces staring back at them.

“Welcome!” they said with a smile. “We come in peace.”

Scene 2- the sun temple

A sun temple is a beautiful place. It is surrounded by a huge wall with intricate carvings. The temple itself is very ornate with pillars and statues everywhere. The walls are covered in paintings of the gods and goddesses. The sun temple is the most sacred place in all of the city and it is where the elixir of the sun is made.

Scene 3- outside the city

The sun was setting behind the city casting a beautiful orange glow over everything. The sky was clear and the stars were just beginning to come out. The air was still and warm with a hint of a breeze blowing through the trees.

The buildings were in disrepair and the streets were overgrown with weeds. But in the center of the village, there was a strange statue. It was of a woman with her arms outstretched and her head tilted back as if she was looking up at the sky.

It seemed to be glowing faintly in the light of the setting sun. He used it to capture the sunlight so that he could create an elixir that would make people immortal.

No one knows for sure if this is true but everyday people from all over come to see the statue. They say it’s because they feel drawn to its beauty or because they hope to find the wizard’s elixir. Either way, it’s clear that this village has something special about it.

Scene 4- the road to the village

They had been walking for hours and were now getting close to the village they were headed to. The path they were on was getting narrower and more difficult to walk on as well.

As they continued down the path they could see the lights of the village in the distance. There were no people in the village and all of the lights were out.

They cautiously made their way into the village calling out for anyone who might be there. There was no response. It was eerily quiet and empty.

Suddenly they heard a noise coming from one of the houses. They approached cautiously and peered inside. What they saw was horrifying. It was clear that whatever had happened here wasn’t good.

The group began to search through the village for any survivors or clues as to what had happened.

Scene 5- the village

In Scene 5 the village is bustling with activity. The sun is shining and the people are out and about going about their day. There is a sense of community here of people coming together and working together. A village is a place of life and growth hope and possibility.

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