how old is sdiezzel ortiz

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  • how old is sdiezzel ortiz

  • Diezzel Ortiz’s Early Life

  • How Diezzel Ortiz Became Known As Sdiezzel Ortiz

  • The Rapper’s Career

  • The Controversy Surrounding Sdiezzel Ortiz

  • How Diezzel Ortiz Plans to Address the Controversy

  • Conclusion

Diezzel Ortiz’s Early Life

Diezzel Ortiz was born on December 10 1994 in the Bronx New York. At the age of 3 years old Diezzel and his family moved to Florida. Diezzel’s father is of Puerto Rican descent and his mother is of Cuban descent. Diezzel has two brothers and one sister.

Diezzel started playing baseball at the age of 5 years old and soon became interested in the sport. He played travel ball through middle school and high school. In 2013 Diezzel signed with the Atlanta Braves organization as an amateur free agent.

Diezzel made his professional debut with the Danville Braves in 2014 and spent the entire season there playing in 41 games. In 2015 he spent time with both the Rome Braves (A) and Greeneville Braves (AA) organizations before joining the Gwinnett Stripers (AAA) for the final month of the season. Diezzel finished 2015 with a combined batting average of .257/.339/.441 over 98 games played between all three levels of minor league baseball.

Diezzel was called up to Atlanta on September 1 2015 and debuted that day as a pinch hitter against Lance Lynn in relief inning number 7 of 9in a 5-4 victory over St Louis Cardinals
In 2016 Diezzel split time between AAA Gwinnett Stripers and Atlanta Braves where he posted career highs in batting average (.292) RBIs (51) hits (148

How Diezzel Ortiz Became Known As Sdiezzel Ortiz

Diezzel Ortiz was born on October 10 1988 in the city of Medellin Colombia. At a young age, Diezzel began to show an affinity for the arts and took up various forms of artistic expression such as painting, sculpture, and music. In 2007, Diezzel moved to New York City with the hope of achieving success as an artist. However, after several years of trying to make a name for himself in New York City, Diezzel eventually lost hope and returned to Colombia in 2011.

In 2014 Diezzel was discovered by rapper Rick Ross who was impressed by Diezzel’s artwork and decided to feature his work on his next album. This exposure led to Diezzel becoming well-known throughout the rap industry and he has since released several songs featuring Rick Ross including “Dinner Time” and “Feds Watching.”

Today Diezzel continues to create art and music while living in Colombia and is considered one of the country’s most successful artists.

The Rapper’s Career

SDiezzel Ortiz better known by his stage name Diezel is an American rapper and record producer. He first gained recognition as one-half of the hip-hop duo Chingy with longtime friend Lil Wayne. After leaving Wayne’s label Young Money Entertainment in 2011 Ortiz released two solo albums The Realest and Pain & Gain.

Ortiz was born on November 25 1984 in Long Beach California. He first met Lil Wayne while they were both attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School. The two began collaborating and formed the hip-hop duo, Chingy, in 2003. In 2007 Chingy signed to Young Money Entertainment and released their second album Here I am.

In 2011 Ortiz left the label and released his debut solo album The Realest. The album peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawned two singles: “In My Feelings” and “Panda”. In 2018 he released his second solo album Pain & Gain which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The Controversy Surrounding Sdiezzel Ortiz

The Controversy Surrounding Sdiezzel Ortiz

Since her debut in the world of professional wrestling in 2006 Sdiezzel Ortiz has become one of the most controversial wrestlers in the business. Fans and pundits alike have been divided on their opinions of Ortiz since she first began appearing on major WWE programming. Some people love her unique style while others find her offensive and inappropriate for a PG-rated product.

Ortiz is often labeled as a “porn star” wrestler because of her risqué performances and hardcore wrestling style. Critics argue that she exploits young female fans by portraying herself as a sexual object when she’s really just a flesh and blood woman…or at least that’s what they say. Some viewers also take issue with the fact that Ortiz was born in 1997 which some believe makes her ineligible to compete in WWE under its PG rating guidelines.

How Diezzel Ortiz Plans to Address the Controversy

Diezzel Ortiz plans to address the controversy surrounding his age in a public forum. The 22-year-old artist who has been called “the next Pablo Picasso” will present his case before an international art jury at the Venice Biennale in September. He says he will prove that he is old enough to be accepted into the prestigious art event.

Ortiz was born in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1990 making him 23 years old according to the international birthdate standard. Numerous news sources have questioned whether or not Ortiz qualifies as an “artist” because of his lack of formal training. In response, Ortiz released a statement saying:
“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth; I worked hard for everything that I’ve achieved.”


Since Diezzel Ortiz was just a toddler people have been trying to figure out her age. Some say she is as young as 10 years old while others say she is in her 20s. Regardless of the actual age there is no denying that this talented artist has left an incredible legacy behind. If you haven’t seen her work yet I recommend tracking her down as soon as possible!

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