How To Dump RV Waste

Do you want to buy an RV? It’ll actually be a lot easier to do it than you might think.

But before you get behind the wheel of an RV, you will need to learn how to drive it. You’ll also need to learn how to maintain it, and that will include learning how to dump RV waste.

Dealing with RV waste isn’t going to be very glamorous. But it will be necessary to dump RV waste from time to time, especially if you’re always heading out on long RV adventures.

Want to know how to go about dumping RV waste? Here is a quick guide on how to get the job done.

Look For a Dump Station for RV Waste

You aren’t allowed to simply dump RV waste wherever you would like. You’ll need to search for a dump station at a campground, a rest stop, or an RV dealership that you can use.

Once you track down a dump station for RV waste, you will then need to park your RV as close to it as you can. You should also see to it that you park on a level surface so that you can drain your RV fast.

You might also want to consult the manual for your specific RV before doing anything else. If you just bought something like this Tiffin RV for sale, it’ll come with a manual containing important information on emptying an RV’s waste tanks.

Hook Up the Right Hose to Your RV

Once you have your RV next to a dump station for waste, you should put on protective gear like disposable gloves to keep yourself safe. From there, you’ll need to find the sewage hose for your RV and hook it up to both the inlet for a dump station and then the valve for your waste tank.

Make sure that the sewage hose for your RV is connected tightly before doing anything else. Otherwise, you could end up making a gigantic mess while trying to figure out how to dump RV waste for the first time.

Dump RV Waste and Hit the Road

After you have the sewage hose for your RV all hooked up, you can pull the valve handle for your RV’s waste tank and allow your RV waste to drain. It should drain completely within just a few minutes.

When that’s done, you can also drain the tank containing your sink and shower water. This water will typically be soapier than the water from your waste tank so it’ll clean your sewage hose out to some degree.

Once you’re done, you can close the valve for your tanks and be on your merry way. You won’t have to worry about carrying too much waste around anymore.

Know How to Dump RV Waste Before Heading Out in Your RV

Learning how to dump RV waste isn’t going to be all that much fun. But it’s all part of owning an RV.

Now that you have a better idea of how to dump RV waste, you should give it a try. You should be able to get the hang of it before long.

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