Is Clarkeio-Na a Bad Choice For Gifting?

Is Clarkeio-Na the right choice for you? Find out in this review. Is it good or bad for your budget? There are several things to consider before making a final decision. Here is a quick comparison of the two options. You can also check out reviews about other online shopping sites to learn how they compare. Is Clarkeio-Na worth the money? Or should you look for a different option?

Hetechi LTD

The terms and conditions of the Hetechi LTD Clarkeio website show an address as its parent company. However, a quick Google Maps search reveals that the given address is not a business outlet. Nor do we find a business outlet with the name Clarkeio-Na. While the parent company may be Hetechi LTD, it is unclear if it is a reputable company. Further, the name is used by several other suspicious sites as well.


Customers complain that the terms and conditions of Clarkeio-Na are unclear and unhelpful. They can’t return their purchases, they don’t have a clear return policy, and they don’t get their orders delivered on time. Moreover, the company’s customer service is nonexistent. So, why is this company a bad choice for gifting? Read on to find out why. We will also review its delivery time and customer support.

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