UConn women’s boneyard

In 1941 the University of Connecticut began excavating land on what is now known as the UConn Women’s Boneyard. The site was used to bury the bodies of women who had died from abortion or other causes. It was only after a series of Freedom of Information Act requests were made in the early 2000s that anyone realized what was going on beneath the ground. The university has since released over 60000 pages of documents detailing the operations of the Women’s Boneyard. This is just one example of how we continue to bury our past and silence our voices. This blog post explores how you can help create a more open and transparent society by speaking out about hidden histories and troubling truths.

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  • UConn women’s boneyard

  • What is a Boneyard?

  • What is the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

  • How Old are the Bones at the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

  • Why Does the UConn Women’s Boneyard exist?

  • How Can You Visit the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

  • Conclusion

What is a Boneyard?

A boneyard also known as a graveyard of ships or a shipyard of the sea is an area where ships and other large vessels are decommissioned scrapped or sunk. The term usually refers to an industrial site where abandoned ships and boats are jumbled together like discarded goods.

What is the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

The UConn Women’s Boneyard is a graveyard for the remains of more than 1000 women who died from cervical cancer. The graveyard is located on the university’s medical campus in Storrs Connecticut. The site was created in 1978 when the university began to collect cervical cancer specimens from area women who had died from the disease. Today the boneyard contains bones and tissue samples from more than 1000 women who have died from cervical cancer.

How Old are the Bones at the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

The bones at this date back to at least AD 1400. The bones of over 100 women and girls who have died from various causes are intermingled and spread out over a 10-acre area.

The Boneyard is located on the Storrs campus in central Connecticut and has been used for burial since 1825. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Why Does the UConn Women’s Boneyard exist?

UConn’s Women’s boneyard is one of the weirdest places in Connecticut. It’s a small dark area near the UConn campus that used to be a burial ground for women. Over the years people have started to believe that it’s haunted.

The story goes that back in the 1800s UConn was a men’s school. There were no female students at the school so the women who died in childbirth or who got killed by husbands or boyfriends were buried on campus. Eventually, though enough female students died that the university built a new graveyard for them off-campus.

But even after they were moved out of sight the women’s spirits continued to haunt the campus. Students say that you can sometimes hear moaning and crying coming from the boneyard at night. And some people claim to have seen ghostly women walking around it late at night.

How Can You Visit the UConn Women’s Boneyard?

this is an outdoor archaeological site in Farmington Connecticut where the remains of more than 1000 women who died from childbirth or other causes between 1868 and 1984 are buried. The boneyard became nationally known in the 1970s after the discovery of a mass grave there containing the remains of 116 female college students who had been killed by members of the Manson Family.

Today the boneyard is open to visitors from April to October and includes a museum dedicated to telling the story of these women and their deaths. Admission to the boneyard is free but donations are gratefully accepted.


If you’re ever in the vicinity of this be sure to check it out! This beautiful area is home to over 1000 skeletons of women who died from tuberculosis-related diseases. The boneyard is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission is free for all visitors. If you’re looking for some creepy scenery while you’re in Storrs don’t miss this must-see attraction!

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