Modules that can be integrated with until my bentos are made chapter 1

.It is a modular solution that allows you to incorporate additional functions to be able to fully manage your business.

Management-Communication Area

A3ASESOR incorporates software to manage consultancy in an integral way, which has billing programs, document management and electronic notifications.

A3asesor- Business 360 :

Is a management software that allows you to automate the billing of the firm and that, in addition, incorporates Business Intelligence tools to help you make the most appropriate decisions.

This software offers you all the information you need to control the profitability of your business.

Features and functions: automates billing, controls the business, improves profitability, controls fees and services provided, and provides centralized customer information.

A3asesor-ges: is a billing software for consultancies that offers complete business management, with which you can easily and reliably carry out cost control and profitability analysis by client, person in charge and file of your consultancy.

Characteristics and functions:

adaptable, customizable, automated, complete, flexibility and maximum control, billing adaptable to your advice, collection and payment management.

NEOS Portal :

is a software that allows you to manage from a single point the Mandatory Electronic Notifications of the Tax Agency, Social Security, DGT, regional and local administrations, and digital certificates of your advisory clients.

Due to COVID-19, the use of temporarily expired digital certificates is allowed. This software is updated to allow importing and configuring this type of certificates.

With PORTALNEOS you can offer a differentiated service to your clients and avoid penalties for human errors.

Characteristics and functions:

agile and simple, secure, new lines of business for your office and centralized control and efficiency.

A3Doc Cloud : It is about document management focused on the Professional Office business.

With a3doc cloud you can do the following: Direct Filing of Taxes, Social Security and Affiliations with only two steps, thus gaining efficiency and saving time. The documentation generated by your management solutions is automatically classified and stored and is always available, providing more autonomy for you and your client.

Features and functions:

connect and share, efficiency and cost savings, security and control, offer better service.

A3asesor rgpd: is a module that is part of until my bentos are made chapter 1, which detects the needs of your clients in compliance with the new regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation. It also automatically generates the necessary documentation to help comply with the regulations of customers who are at risk.

Characteristics and functions:

centralized and global customer management, customer categorization questionnaire, customer loyalty.

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