MyPC – A Quick Guide

If you’ve never used MyPC before, here’s a quick guide to get you started. Read on to learn about the program’s benefits and how to book a computer. You’ll also learn about the benefits of MyPC, and how to login to the site. Then, follow the link below to sign up for a free account. If you haven’t yet, it’s time you got started!


Many County of Los Angeles employees say the benefits offered by the County are part of what makes it a great place to work. Employees can choose between a variety of medical, dental, and life insurance plans and participate in a contributory pension plan. Many benefits are available after-tax or pre-tax. Learn more about them at There are also resources and links available to help you navigate these programs.

The Commuter Benefit Plan is designed to help County employees who use public transportation save money. The Commuter Benefit Plan allows employees to enroll in pre-tax payroll deductions for transit vouchers, Metrolink passes, and Transit Access pass cards. This way, employees can save up to $500 a year on transportation costs. Employees can sign up for the Commuter Benefit Plan using their Employee ID and PIN/password.

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