The Benefits of Biodiesel

More and more biodiesel gas stations are popping up across the country, and for a good reason. Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning, renewable fuel made from plant oils and animal fats. As a result, it is much more sustainable and offers advantages to large truck drivers and diesel pick-up truck drivers alike.

It offers a number of benefits over traditional petroleum-based diesel, including reduced emissions, improved engine performance, and increased lubricity. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of biodiesel and why you should consider stopping at a biodiesel gas station and making the switch to this cleaner-burning fuel.

American-Made Fuel



Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils or animal fats. As a result, it helps to support these various industries and can lead to higher job creation and sustainability in these markets. In addition, biodiesel can be produced from domestically grown crops, making it an American-made fuel. This can help reduce dependence on foreign oil. This also makes biodiesel less vulnerable to price shocks and supply disruptions caused by political instability or natural disasters in other countries. It also supports the U.S. economy by creating jobs and stimulating growth in the renewable energy sector.

Engine Performance



As discussed, biodiesel can be used in almost all diesel engines without any modifications. When it is used in a well-maintained vehicle, biodiesel can help improve engine performance. It has a higher cetane number than traditional diesel fuel. This means that it ignites more easily, which can improve engine efficiency. Biodiesel also has a higher energy content than traditional diesel fuel, which can translate to improved fuel economy.

Additionally, in recent years the gasoline industry has shifted to ultra-low sulfur diesel as a cleaner burning fuel. While this has been good for the environment, it has some undesirable impacts on diesel engines. Chief among them is the loss of lubricity. Shifting to low sulfur fuel has significantly reduced the sulfur content in diesel fuel, which has, in turn, reduced its lubricating properties. As a result, many fleets are spending money on lubricity additives.

Unlike diesel fuel, biodiesel does not need sulfur for lubrication. The oxygen in biodiesel gives the fuel its lubricity characteristics. Biodiesel doesn’t just do an adequate job at lubricating engines; it excels. A 2007 study found that a biodiesel blend outperformed 18 other products on the market when it came to lubricity. Using higher blends of biodiesel can significantly aid with engine lubrication. The use of biodiesel can eliminate the need for lubricity additives.

Environmental Impacts

There are a number of benefits to using biodiesel fuel. First, biodiesel is biodegradable, which means that it will break down and decompose in the environment. This is important because traditional fuels such as gasoline and diesel produce harmful emissions that can have a negative impact on the environment. Second, biodiesel is nontoxic, so it won’t contaminate soil or water supplies if spilled. Third, biodiesel produces significantly fewer air pollutants than traditional fuels. Air pollutants include greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, as well as toxic compounds such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. These pollutants can have a harmful effect on human health and the environment. In fact, when burned in a properly maintained engine, biodiesel can reduce harmful emissions by up to 90 percent.

Overall, the benefits of biodiesel gas are significant. It provides a cleaner, more sustainable fuel alternative that helps reduce emissions and improve air quality. The renewable fuel also supports the local economy by creating jobs and reducing the country’s reliance on foreign oil. Additionally, biodiesel can help with engine performance and function, providing improved fuel economy and higher lubricity. Biodiesel can help keep vehicles on the road as a cheaper and more sustainable option.

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