The EPLGA Board Names a New Executive Officer

EPLGA is the umbrella body for regional councils in South Australia. Its mandate is to represent the interests of its members at all meetings and to make recommendations to the Minister for Regional Development. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to develop and implement an annual budget and to submit the reports to the constituent councils. It is also responsible for the preparation and submission of audited financial statements. In addition, the Executive Officer must keep proper books of accounts.

The EPLGA is governed by a council of local government representatives who are elected every four years to serve the region

It is chaired by Mayor Sam Telfer and he is supported by Peter Scott, who is the current executive officer. The board consists of representatives from regional governments and councils. The membership of EPLGA is about one million people. The councils of the area are all merged under the Regional Development Australia, which manages the Councils of the region.

The Council has named a new executive officer to oversee the association

Peter Scott replaces Tony Irvine, who will retire at the end of 2019. He will bring a wealth of experience and a strong working relationship with local government bodies and councils. In his previous role, he was responsible for the Economic Development of the Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula and has extensive experience in liaising with local government and the business community.

EPLGA’s new executive officer Peter Scott will lead the organization in its continuing efforts to build regional resilience

His appointment is a natural extension of the previous role he held. Previously, Peter Scott worked as an Economic Development Manager at Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, which will help him build strong relationships with councils and other stakeholders in the region.

In addition to being an executive officer

The president of the EPLGA is also its executive officer. He has a long-standing history of promoting local government through his work and in his community. He has been active in EPLGA for the past 15 years. With his leadership and support, the EPLGA is the premier body for regional councils in South Australia. He has also been a member of the Australian Association of Local Governments since 1991.

Peter Scott will join the EPLGA board after retiring as its executive officer. He replaces Tony Irvine

Who will retire at the end of 2019. While he cannot attend the conference in person, he will sponsor it from afar and be the keynote speaker. In addition, he will present the Spirit of Eyre Peninsula award to a member of the board. So, join us in recognizing a new executive officer.

The EPLGA is a nonprofit organization with over 400 members in South Australia

The board is led by a volunteer committee, which includes councils and the community. The board has a variety of roles, from advising councils on issues affecting local government to facilitating meetings and networking events. For more information, visit the EPLGA website. You can learn more about the association by clicking on the links below.

The EPLGA Board of Directors has recently appointed Peter Scott as its new executive officer

He will succeed former Executive Officer Tony Irvine, who will retire at the end of this year. The Board of directors is a group of individuals who represent local governments in regional areas. While the board of directors does not have the power to make decisions, it does have the authority to make key recommendations. The Executive Committee of EPLGA is governed by a council. The board of directors consists of a number of members and council representatives.

The EPLGA is the peak local government body in Australia

The president is Peter Scott, while the executive officer is Sam Telfer. The council has over 70 members, and it has a diverse membership. The president and executive officers are tasked with creating a culture of conscious communication. The council’s annual conference last year focused on fostering an environment where communities can collaborate and thrive. The conference focuses on the need for local government to build a better world and a better community.

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