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  • What is the Wisonsin Leaked Video?

  • The Controversy Surrounding the Wisonsin Leaked Video

  • The Aftermath of the Wisonsin Leaked Video

  • What Happens Next?

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What is the Wisonsin Leaked Video?

The Wisonsin Leaked Video is a video of a private conversation between University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Governor Scott Walker. The video was leaked to the media on November 19, 2014. In the video Blank can be heard telling Walker that she will not order state employees to attend a meeting about budget cuts that Walker had scheduled for the next day.

The leak comes shortly after Blank announced her retirement from her position as Chancellor at the end of 2014. Walker’s approval ratings had been declining since the beginning of the year and this leaked video may have contributed to that trend.

The Controversy Surrounding the Wisonsin Leaked Video

The Wisonsin leaked video has been causing a lot of controversies and for good reason. It seems to show that the school is discriminating against certain students based on their race.

There are a few things that need to be clarified before we can start discussing this video. Firstly it’s important to understand that the video is only an excerpt from a longer conversation. So while it does show discrimination it doesn’t show the full extent of what happened.

Secondly, we need to remember that this video was leaked by someone who doesn’t want the school to get in trouble. So it’s possible that they doctored the footage in order to make it look worse.

Thirdly this isn’t the first time that discrimination has been reported at Wisonsin University. Back in 2006, there were similar allegations made against the school. At the time officials claimed that they had found no evidence of discrimination happening on campus at that time. But since then new allegations have come up so it’s definitely something worth investigating further.

The Aftermath of the Wisonsin Leaked Video

The fallout from the leaked video of Megan Wison has been extensive and damaging. Many students are protesting and demanding that she be removed from her position as VP of Student Affairs. The mainstream media has picked up on the story and is giving it prominent coverage which only amplifies the public outcry.

Megan Wison’s Jian Ghomeshi-Esque past was unknown to most students until now. In December 2014 she posted a YouTube video in which she talked about an incident that took place when she was a student at Ryerson University. In the video, Wison discusses an abusive relationship that she was in with her then-boyfriend.

The online reaction to the leaked video has been harsh. Many students are calling for Wison’s resignation due to her history of abuse and neglect of her own safety. Others feel that this information should have been made available to them when they were voting for her VP position as it is relevant to their experience as students at RYU.

What Happens Next?

As the Wisonsin leak video comes to a close many are left with more questions than answers. What will happen to the students featured in the video? And what does this say about their future at WIU?

At this point, it’s hard to tell because there’s just too little information available.

However, based on what we do know it seems likely that the students featured in the video did not experience any physical harm as a result of their experiences. This is because most of them are speaking about physical abuse that occurred after they filmed the footage – which would suggest that it was not part of their original intention when they took the footage.

This raises another question: who leaked the video? It’s possible that someone inside WIU deliberately released it in order to humiliate and punish these students. But it’s also possible that someone outside of WIU leaked it without malicious intent. In either case, there are serious consequences for those involved.

WIU has already announced that they’re launching an investigation into the matter – so we’ll soon know more about what happened and who was responsible for releasing the footage.


We’re sorry to report that the Wisconsin State Elections Commission has released a leaked video of Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) discussing how he plans to “crush” unions. The leaked video is just the latest scandal to rock Walker’s administration which also includes allegations of corruption and misuse of state resources. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as it develops and we hope that Governor Walker will be able to weather these controversies and continue serving Wisconsin residents in his role as governor.

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