Why Dressing To Impress Is Bad For Your Mental Health

Dressing up takes a lot of time and effort. While it feels good whenever someone compliments how you dress, it brings the opposite impression when you try to fit into the societal norm of dressing or fail to go by the fashion trends.

While you think it is a subtle thing to change a dress because it does not fit your body type or when you throw away your favorite t-shirt in favor of a more trendy tank top. Chances are you are dressing to impress people, which can negatively affect your mental health.

Want to know why? Read this article through to the end.

What Do We Mean By Dress To Impress?

You have probably heard this phrase everywhere that it has become so worn out. But does it mean anyway?

This phrase means wearing an outfit that would give others a good and exciting impression. People who want to impress often go by the latest fashion trends like high-quality Indetexx china used clothes and put on classy accessories and other fast fashion trends.

The typical situations that come to mind are going out on a date, networking event, or a critical trade meeting with highly specialized professionals of a niche company, such as a medical gas valve manufacturer.  These are all situations where the expression dress to impress would ideally pay off, but is it necessary to always “dress to impress” to make a lasting impression?

How Can Dressing To Impress Affect Mental Health?

Fashion psychologists assert a link between how you dress and your overall mental health. Thus, specific telltale signals indicate that your clothing may signify emotional turmoil. It could also go the opposite way; how you push to receive validation may harm your mental well-being.

Here are some of the most common drastic effects of dressing to impress on your mental health.

Your Level Of Confidence

Dressing to impress can have a drastic effect on your level of confidence. Although receiving validation can feed your level of confidence, the lack thereof can give you feelings of discouragement.

For instance, your confidence level is poor if you feel you should not dress the way you want to because your body frame is “not proper” or because of how others might see you. It can cause you to refrain from performing tasks you might otherwise enjoy, like public speaking and other opportunities that would require you to be in a huge crowd. Additionally, it could prevent you from reaching out to others and building deep relationships.

Your Level Of Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem may eventually suffer if you choose your clothes with an eye toward what society views as ideal. You may think you have a terrible body image because a fashion trend does not sit well with your body frame. You will think about other people’s judgment becoming the center of what you want.

There are also instances where you will receive offending remarks about what you wear instead of validation. Someone may tell you to change your outfit because it does not suit you or you are just trying hard. Now instead of feeling comfortable and good with what you’re wearing, you’ll end up feeling down.

Illness In Your Mental Health

In severe cases, although rare, this may result in eating problems, anxiety, and sadness in some people. It may also result in incredibly pessimistic ideas as to why you can’t seem to fit in or why other people are not giving you the compliments you expect from them. This excessive thinking can lead to decreased productivity.

Factors That Affect Your Mental Health By Dressing To Impress

Everyone wants to be seen in a specific light. We value first impressions. One of the key factors we evaluate is how we present ourselves and what we put on as a   dress. In light of this, two factors affect your mental health in dressing to impress.


Our culture has raised us with preconceived notions of what is beautiful. With the world constantly changing, we are encouraged to move with it  To dress with the latest trends. Otherwise, we would be called These form the basis for what is and is not acceptable. Elders around you may have made jokes about your size or advised you to reduce your food intake to maintain weight loss. You might have assumed that a particular body type is entirely incorrect due to these remarks. So you begin dressing in a way you hope would disguise your perceived flaws.


We see superstars, social media influencers, and fashion models in the media. We want to look like them. Therefore, we may experience frustration if our appearance differs from the media’s. To disguise body parts we feel don’t match the beauty ideal we observe, we begin choosing to clothe to disguise.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing to impress; after all, it says that we care about ourselves and want to look our best. However, when we crave validation from it just so we can feel our value and worth, that is where we have reached the borderline.

We should try to negotiate people’s expectations and our view of ourselves. Always go for something that makes you feel comfortable and good, like the impressive employees of the top smart door lock factory. After all, you look best when you feel more like yourself.

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