Your rejuvenation begins with peeling

Basic facial skin care begins with cleansing.

The healthy look and cleanliness of the skin directly depend on the properly configured process of exfoliating dead cells. Cells are constantly being born, “growing up” and dying. Dead cells of the stratum corneum gradually peel off from the surface of the skin.

Cosmetologists call this continuous natural process desquamation. Dead cells accumulate, pores become clogged, inflammation appears, skin texture becomes uneven, and complexion becomes dull. That is why our skin needs renewal so much. One of the most effective skin renewal procedures is facial peeling .

What is facial peeling?

“To peel” in English means removing the skin, cleaning the layers of keratinized cells. When performed professionally, peeling starts a powerful process of natural regeneration at the cellular level. Therefore, peeling is the basis of many modern methods of anti-aging procedures . Depending on the individual characteristics of the skin, the most effective type of peeling is chosen .

Cleansing is an important stage of basic skin care, but you need to understand the large number of existing products. At your request, the cosmetologists of the “Three Elements” center will explain what is the main component of peeling, and how to choose the right product for your skin type and needs. It is important that peelings offered at our facility have a short rehabilitation period!

Types of peeling

Peeling is distinguished by the degree of influence on skin cells and is superficial, middle and deep. Also, the procedures can be mechanical, physical and chemical. Chemical peeling, which is used in the presence of complex problems, has the greatest effectiveness when conducting anti-age sessions .

 Fleurez is a French word meaning “to flower”. It is a term used in horticulture and botany, and describes the process by which a plant produces flowers. The term can also be used to describe the flowering of a plant in general.

Surface peeling

The procedure is carried out in courses of 5-10 sessions, provides a light peeling effect on the upper layers of the epidermis, without an aggressive effect. Surface peeling of the face is suitable for different skin types, has:

  • smoothing;
  • depigmenting;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antioxidant effect.

Medium peeling

Intended for oily, problem skin with post-acne. Medium peeling requires preliminary preparation with care procedures. It has a rehabilitation period, during which redness, swelling, peeling may appear.

Deep peeling

The procedure is performed under anesthesia because it has a high pain level. It involves a long and sometimes difficult rehabilitation period.

Why is peeling needed?

  • surface peeling is recommended for teenagers, clients under the age of 25-30. The procedures are effective if you need to improve skin color, smooth out unevenness, narrow pores, correct the effects of acne and pigmentation;
  • middle peeling, in addition to the results listed above, adds the reduction of wrinkles, the immediate launch of regeneration processes;
  • deep peeling is a procedure used for clients of mature age according to individual indicators. Provides the effect of surgical lifting, eliminates old scars, deep wrinkles, sagging.

Effect of peeling procedures and what not to expect:

  • reduction of wrinkles;
  • regulated sebaceous secretion;
  • antiseptic effect;
  • leveled surface layer of the epidermis;
  • improved microcirculation and metabolism;
  • increased oxygen access to tissues;
  • improved penetration of care products.

It should be remembered that the face is delicate and it is not a cabbage, from which you can remove several layers for cleaning, getting rid of acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, other defects and not harming anything. It is impossible to overcome all skin problems with peeling alone. After the procedure, our professional cosmetologists will definitely advise you on what other measures are necessary to preserve your youth and beauty

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